Living in Freetown

One should absorb the colour of life, but one should never remember its details. Details are always vulgar.

Oscar Wilde

So it has been an interesting period since I last posted a blog! Apologies for not putting another blog one up earlier. I had some technical issues with my laptop! But not to worry everything is more or less working now.

So since I last wrote the New Year has come, so firstly, here is to 2017! I wish I could write something about the amazing, crazy and mind blowing night that I had bringing in the 2017. However, I went to bed… After spending Christmas with 200 children I got sick with a nasty chest infection and so the new year was brought in with more of a whimper than a bang. That being said, I actually started getting a lot better on the first day of the new year, so I am hoping that is an auspicious sign for the 2017. Continue reading Living in Freetown


Solomon Islands Sunsets – Honiara – The Deep Blue

Honiara Deep Purple

The lack of internet (imagine dial up in the 90’s), the constant smell and sight of betel nut that stains Honiara’s streets blood red or the constant oppressive heat, humidity and dust are among many things made living in Honiara exceptionally difficult. But one of the saving graces of the Honiara and of the Solomon Islands were the incredible sunsets. My next few posts will be sharing a few of these stunning evening vistas. Continue reading Solomon Islands Sunsets – Honiara – The Deep Blue

Burning Off

Burning Off

As something a bit different to my food and law posts, I have decided to post pictures from my life be it from places around the world I have visited or lived, to home which is where I am starting. The photo pictured is of my farm. It was taken looking out from the house into the fire and smoke whilst we were burning off the stubble from an old crop. I took this photo a long time ago but I always have a great time when the burning off is occurring. The smoke and visuals, often combined with an amazing sunset are magical. The photo relaxes me and makes me feel nostalgic about the farm. Hope you all enjoy it!