Holiday and Visitor!

I’m still alive! Sorry all for the delayed blog, life can get busy at times… And by busy, I mean I took a week off work as I had a lovely and amazing friend come visit me!

IMG_6743Hanging Out Drinking Ice Tea at Balmaya Continue reading Holiday and Visitor!


Burning Off

Burning Off

As something a bit different to my food and law posts, I have decided to post pictures from my life be it from places around the world I have visited or lived, to home which is where I am starting. The photo pictured is of my farm. It was taken looking out from the house into the fire and smoke whilst we were burning off the stubble from an old crop. I took this photo a long time ago but I always have a great time when the burning off is occurring. The smoke and visuals, often combined with an amazing sunset are magical. The photo relaxes me and makes me feel nostalgic about the farm. Hope you all enjoy it!