Solomon Islands Sunsets – Honiara – The Deep Blue

Honiara Deep Purple

The lack of internet (imagine dial up in the 90’s), the constant smell and sight of betel nut that stains Honiara’s streets blood red or the constant oppressive heat, humidity and dust are among many things made living in Honiara exceptionally difficult. But one of the saving graces of the Honiara and of the Solomon Islands were the incredible sunsets. My next few posts will be sharing a few of these stunning evening vistas.

The one pictured is from Honiara. When I was living in my second house in Honiara I would frequently walk to and from work (roughly an hour each way). Nearly every afternoon/night on the way home from work I was greeted with a beautiful sunset. I found the evening that I took this photo particularly striking. How the deep blue and purples clashed against the brilliant yellows and oranges was mesmerising. The tranquillity of the sunsets helped me forget the problems of the day and the difficulties of living in Honiara. They provided peace in Honiara’s chaos.

(If you would like a full-size copy message me!)


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