A Magnificent Metropole Burger – Interlaken, Switzerland


Where: Metropole Hotel Interlaken, Switzerland

“Hamburger de boeuf à la mode Metropole
Sauce à la moutarde sucrée, ketchup maison
Lard, oignons caramélisés
Pain ciabatta, pommes frites

Beef hamburger Metropole style
Sweet mustard sauce, homemade ketchup
Bacon, caramalised onions
Ciabatta bread, French fries.

The burger from the Metropole Hotel in Interlaken Switzerland is possible one of the best burgers I have ever had in my life. Certainly the best I have had since writing food reviews and it I think will be the bench mark by which I judge all future burgers. As the waiter told me, “It’s definitely not maccas”. My witty response back to him was somewhat lacking as I was struggling to speak on account of the fact that I was so full – a sign of any good burger.

It may not look like much (although a quick apology from me, I didn’t have my camera on me, so I had to use my tablet which does not do the burger justice in my opinion) but it is what is important on the inside right?

But down to it. What made the burger what it was? To begin with whilst the burger wasn’t that pretty the presentation was great. It was a big burger surrounded but a heap of French fries and on a separate plate came the condiments. The burger itself was juicy, tender and creamy. One of the ingrediants left from the menu (above) was the raclette cheese that was melted into the mustard on top of the patty. The cheese combined with the sweet mustard made the burger what it was.  This combined with the bacon, caramelized onions and homemade ketchup  delivered an amazing combination. A surprise was that the ciabatta bun was untoasted, but since it was so fresh it would have been a since to have toasted it.

The condiments consisted of tomato’s cucumbers and gherkins. It was a nice and thoughtful touch, if you didn’t like them, you didn’t have to dig through the burger to get rid of them. I ate them separately as a bit of a cleanser between bites of the burger. They were delicious and fresh. Perfect. With the condiments came a selection of sauces, tomato, bbq and mayonnaise. Again a thoughtful touch. Whilst condiments will never make a great burger, they demonstrated to me the effort the Metropole had put in to the whole meal.

Finally the French fries. Crisp, salty and hot. They were great and there were lots of them.

The atmosphere was delightful, soft music playing in the background and the view, what a view. The view from the Panoramic restaurant Top o’Met also makes the Metropole burger special. It is simple stunning. You can watch the people walk past along the street, the paragliders come into land in the field across the road or watch the sunset across the snow covered Swiss mountains . Check out the Metropole website (http://www.metropole-interlaken.ch/index.php?page=342) they have a live webcam and you can see what I mean. Here is a shot that I just took from it. Absolutely stunning.


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