Devilishly Delicious Lobster and Cheese on Toast

Where: La Masa – Gizo Solomon Islands

La Masa is one of the best places to get a late breakfast (they open at 10am) or lunch in Gizo, Solomon Islands. In saying this I will admit that there are only a few places to eat out for lunch or a late breakfast, but if the lovely owner Joy had opened up shop in Honiara she would do a roaring trade. The menu at La Masa is extensive with a broad range of primarily seafood dishes which range from crayfish omelettes ($80SBD) to great fish and chips, with many other dishes in between.

However, by far my favourite dish and one of the cheapest and yet most devilishly decadent meal I have had to date is the lobster on toast with grilled cheese. Aside from a delicious marinade it only consists of lobster, thick white toast, and melted cheese. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Who in their right mind would ever eat lobster on toast with grilled cheese at home? And the best bit is it is only $60SBD.

Hot Tip: The lobster is complemented very well by the tropical smoothie, which is delicious and a tangy. It comes in at $20.

If you are lucky enough to be heading out to Gizo, Solomon Islands check out La Masa and their lobster on toast, with a tropical smoothie on the side. It may change your life!

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