A Lushes Lunch at Lime Lounge

A Lushes Lunch at Lime Lounge

You are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff.”

– Remy, diminutive rat chef from Ratatouille

By James Cooper

Lime Lounge has been recently reinvigorated. It has been freshly painted and is now decorated with lovely paintings of local art work and food, which create an artistic and homely feeling. The flowers also help create a lovely atmosphere and even though busy it was calm and pleasant to sit and chat whilst eating lunch. Since its rejuvenation Lime Lounge now tells a story of western food with a twist of the Solomons. You still feel like you are in the Solomons, but in cool and comfortable environment.

The presentation of the fish and chips gave you a ‘WOW’ moment and a certain New Zealand volunteer I was having lunch with hurried off to order another plate of fush and chups upon seeing my lunch!

The Fish

There were two nicely proportioned pieces of fish.  The batter remarkable, crisp, crunchy, had the right amount of grease factor (as all good fish and chips should) and it smelled divine. The fish was succulent, moist and had a lovely taste. It was accompanied by both fresh lime and tartar sauce which went very well with the fish.

The Chips

The chips were large crunchy wedges and there was a large generous serve of them. The wedges were light and fluffy on the inside and coated in a mildly spicy seasoning which made them exceptionally tasty. The wedges were accompanied upon request by large dishes of tomato sauce.

The Salad

Accompanying the Fish and Chips was a delicious and beautiful garden salad. The salad consisted of lettuce, tomato, cabbage and cucumber. The dressing was light and didn’t overpower the salad. It was a tasty and healthy way to offset the oil and grease of the fish and chips. It may be one of the best salads in Honiara, although having not eaten many salads in Honiara I may be getting ahead of myself.

The Verdict

The fish and chips were great, as was the salad. The meal was filling, tasty and looked amazing. The fresh interior and fresh food combined with the lovely, smiling and attentive staff will mean that the fish and chips at the Lushes Lime Lounge will definitely be a repeat.

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